How Do You Rate Medifast Against Other Types of Diets?

I recently received correspondence from someone who was trying to decide if the medifast diet would be right for her. She had been looking at several different diets and wasn’t sure which would be the best fit. To help her decide, she asked me to rate medifast against some other popular types of diets. You can see how I did this in the following article.Medifast Versus Preparing A Low Calorie Diet Program On Your Own: People often ask me if it’s possible to come up with something similar to medifast on your own using items that you might buy at a grocery store. In my experience, this is very difficult to achieve. Think about it this way. You are taking in around 1,000 or so calories each day and you’re eating six times per day. In order for this to happen, most of the diet’s meals are around 110 calories or less. But, this doesn’t tell the entire story.Because not only are the foods low in calories, but they are also very low in sugars and carbohydrates. At the same time, all of the meals are high in fiber and protein. It’s very difficult to get this combination on your own. The company has really modified the foods in a way that is very hard to replicate, (at least for me.) And, doing so appears to be something which would be time consuming and expensive. You would have to be very aware of every ingredient in each meal (and would likely have to buy some specialty ingredients.) And, you would have to use them very sparingly.That’s not to say that it can’t be done. I’m sure that it can. And, if you’re the type of person who enjoys cooking, planning, and careful research, then you might actually enjoy the process. In my observation though, one of the reasons that this diet appeals to people like me is that I’ve been known not to make good food choices. So for me, it’s better to let someone else do the work and to make the choices. I’ve come to really like having my meals prepared (and decided upon) for me.Medifast Versus Diets That Use The Point System: There are a few popular diets that allow you to chose your own foods using a point or calorie / carb tally system. These are popular amongst some dieters. One of the most popular examples is weight watchers. And, some people do have success with these types of diets. I find that people who are very organized and who enjoy the sense of control that comes with carrying a food journal or tallying their points take to these sorts of diets.Basically, foods are assigned points and, when you’re used up your points for the day, you’re finished eating. Of course, the foods that most of us really enjoy (like pizza, snacks, or desserts) costs a high number of points. So, if you’re going to eat something like this, then you will be more limited for the rest of the day. And, this was the case with me on these types of diets. I would pretty much use my points up early on and would be hungry for the remainder of the day. As I said, if given the opportunity to make food choices and to use self control, I almost always disappoint myself eventually.Medifast Versus Low Carb / High Protein Diets: Another type of diet that is really popular right now is the low carb variety. Examples are diets like Atkins, south beach, and the zone. In these diets, you are asked to limit your carbs and sugars while you take in more protein and fiber. Really, you’re asked to do the same thing on medifast. And, both diets have the goal of getting you into ketosis or fat burning mode. But the difference is in the level of work involved and the types of foods you eat.Because most of the low carb diets requires careful food preparation to omit the sugars and carbs. Often, you are allowed only a certain amount of these and you’re asked to take in a certain amount of protein. And in my experience, you will eat a lot of meat, cheese, eggs, and dairy to accomplish this. This usually requires a lot of preparation and tweaking of foods. With medifast, the foods are prepacked so you are not having to tally anything or worry about your totals at the end of the day. You pretty much know that if you eat five of this diet’s prepackaged meals and make one healthful meal on your own, you’ll be OK.Many of these diets work for a wide variety of dieters. The real key is finding the diet that works best with your personality. For me, a high protein diet had always worked to help me lose weight, but I didn’t particularly enjoy the foods that were required and I didn’t like having to cook special foods. But, your opinion may be different.