Choosing A Low Carb Diet That Is Right For You

If you have done your research and decided that you would benefit from going on a low carb diet, the next step for you to take is choosing which specific diet is best for you. There are well over twenty-five low carb diet systems for you to choose from so it can be more difficult than you think. The first thing you should do to limit the number of choices you have is write down the things you want from your system.For example, if you want to use a system that allows some carbs, then you can eliminate the systems that do not allow you to consume any. Some allow you consume a moderate amount of them and others only make room for a very minor daily consumption. Knowing what you want to get out of your system will help you narrow your list of choices and ultimately lead you to choosing the system that best fits your wants and needs.The 17 day diet is a very popular choice and has become one of the trendiest weight lost programs on the planet. This program was originally designed to help people avoid gaining weight over the holiday and winter season. It is now used every day by millions of people. The advantages to using this program are it encourages your intake of natural, unprocessed foods, it uses calorie cycling to speed up the process of losing weight, and it is a very short, simple and effective program. The negatives to it include it not being suitable for people with diabetes, physically active people will have difficulties adjusting to the low calorie intake, and it does not address the important factors in achieving long term weight loss.The Atkins diet is another one of the most popular programs to use and it was even named the most popular diet plan of all time at one point by Time Magazine. The benefits of this program are that it can generate success quickly, it allows you to eat out at restaurants and it works especially well for vegetarians and diabetics. There is really only one con to using this program but it is a very important one.This program encourages you to eat fatty foods in small portions to lower your normal appetite level. If using this program for long periods of time, it could severely damage your health. Too much of a high-fat diet can lead to heart disease, early age heart attacks, and strokes. Also, if you develop the habit of eating high fat foods for or with every meal, as soon as you stop using the program you may gain a very unhealthy amount of weight.Choosing the program that is right for you may just be the most important part of going on a low carb diet, aside from actually sticking to the diet itself. With all of the choices available for you to pick from, you should have no problem finding a program that fits your needs to the point where it seems like the program was custom made just for you.