What is a Pharm Party? Pharmaceutical Drug Abuse

A time tested drug culture is on the rise among teens that may further influence their younger siblings and it’s called Pharming (farming) which is slang for pharmaceutical. This is the leading path which walks kids down the road to Pharmaceutical Drub Abuse. Teens are gathering in both big and small numbers for Pharm Parties, which could be happening in your own home. If you think this couldn’t happen think again. It’s true, it’s rising in popularity among teens and you need to be in the know to keep your teen’s safe avoiding substance abuse and addiction.

Considering the difficulty adults have admitting it could touch their family is dangerous because it sets the stage for an innocent teen to think just this one time won’t hurt. Well it can and the peer pressure is great. Any unprepared kid lacking prescription drug facts is prone to think it’s harmless. Prevention can keep you from later seeking intervention and treatment. Protecting you and your child with the power of knowledge will eliminate future rehab, detox and recovery from drug abuse by taking a good honest look at this troubling reality on the rise.


Teens spontaneously commonly gather whenever a place comes available, this is not rare. While you may have hung out with friends at an arcade after school, your kids may be pharming. There are numerous latch key kids who have regular access to parentless homes while still at work. They gather there experimenting with prescription drugs. Where do they get them you may wonder, everywhere that’s where? It’s the hunt for drugs that is part of the fun challenge a sport if you will. Discarded or forgotten prescription drugs are found in the houses of family, friends and your own home. Teens pocket handfuls of prescription drugs left in medicine cabinets, bathrooms, old purses, suit cases, carry on luggage and on it goes as these kids get better at the hunt, the game!


OxyContin is a popular drug that kids compare to heroin. The drug is crushed and then injected, snorted and often blended with marijuana as the drug stakes continue to rise. Oh and yes, Ritalin is commonly used and compared to speed in people who do not medically require the drug. It is more commonly referred as skippy and most often taken orally. Teens are expected to score more drugs as the swapping of drugs done at pharming parties creates a debt between them and the other kids who provide them with drugs. A bond is formed and a cult like band of drug addicts takes hold and develops.


These drugs are easily available the demand to find them is too great and bigger than you know, kids get creative. They do so with a great ease as few parents imagine this could be happening to their otherwise bright and gifted child.

– Keep all prescription drugs under lock and key.

– Keep track by marking on the bottle what’s left after each dose.

– Open a dialogue anytime a teaching moment presents itself.

– Don’t be harsh, just matter of fact.

– Point out commercials and the adverse side affects.

– Mention you’ve heard about pharming.

– Explain the damage from popping pills.

– Let your child know they are valuable and have a bright future.

If your kid shows special interest in prescription drugs consider it a red flag. It may mean a friend has talked to your child about trying it. This child may be abusing these drugs. Give you kid the facts and do so casually, without alarm or lecture, kids tune lectures out. Remember the teachable moments. Pharming and Prescription Drug Abuse awareness teamed with knowledge empowers you and your teens to be drug free.